About us

Scarp is run by three Stockholm School of Economics alumni who recognized the need for reinventing the traditional consulting space.

From working with Nordic SMEs, venture capital firms, and startups, we have realized they are often in an urgent need of a helping hand to solve the problems holding their businesses back. However, they are rarely able to afford contracting any of the large, traditional consulting firms and have therefore, until now, been left without any support. To cater for these needs, we turned to the untapped capacity of top-performing students and graduates from the most prominent universities in the Nordics.

By combining top-students and graduates with a modern and innovative approach, we help tackle our clients’ biggest challenges to affordable prices, reinventing the consulting space as we know it.

Our team

The Scarp team possesses a broad set of tools and experiences for helping companies and investors reach their full potential. We have a background ranging from tech start-ups and venture capital funds to investment banking and management consulting – providing us with a solid foundation for understanding our clients’ complex problems and offering them services tailored to their needs.

Our team consists of both full- and part-time consultants with a wide set of skills in Business Strategy and Corporate Finance, allowing us to put together the most suitable team depending on the challenge. We are genuinely committed to our clients and always work diligently to ensure superb value creation and a long-lasting relationship.

Do not hesitate to contact any of our partners directly if you want to learn more about Scarp, or send us an email at hello@scarpgroup.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.